Foreground lilies: background Klimt!

Last summer I had a glut of white lilies in my garden – their smooth white-cream surface contrasting sharply with the fussy greens, browns, ochres of the background foliage.  And recently I re-looked at my Gustave Klimt book and enjoyed the jewel like quality of his backgrounds.   Sometimes the sinuous women sink back into the […]

New Year, New Challenge!

                    Well the Christmas dinner in Athens turned out to be baked fish, on a charcoal fire on the beach in bright sunshine.  If you want the pics go to my son’s website!  With the new year welcomed  in on top of the Acropolis with […]

Something New…

  Driff Art Club inspired me this month with Oliver Lovely’s Graphic Design work using vegetable dyes and at the other end of this precise style is my friend Rachel’s work: messy, colourful and fabulously inventive textile work but also very meticulous in its own way.  The connection with both artists is their strong use […]